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There I was, searching for my childhood friend Marjory Silver and looking in all the wrong places. We met in a neighborhood theater group and shared a spotlight as siblings in the stageplay "Cheaper By The Dozen", when we were kids. Finally I spotted her at a high school reunion. It was her reunion. I was crashing it. Who knew we had both grown up to become life coaches. She was looking for a podcast production partner. And the rest was history!


Here we are, back together again,  performing without a net and loving it! I guess acting taught us how to do things the hard way - on our own, learning on the fly.


These podcasts are home grown, filled with juicy tips, and packed with unscripted conversation aimed to entertain and inspire. Join us on the What'd 'U Want & How'd 'U Get It? Facebook Page with your comments and suggestions.

Podcast #1: Know it like you know you are going to pee in the morning.

Marjory and Krista talk about starting their first podcast, the theme "What'd 'U Want & How'd 'U Get It", and what to remember when developing a vision board.

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